Stand: 558
Category: Active Ingredients, Anti-acne, Anti-aging, Anti-dandruff, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-pollution, Anti-redness/ Anti-couperose, Anti-stretch marks, Anti-wrinkle, Antimicrobials, Antioxidants [more]

Contact Name: Marie-Laure HUC
Telephone: + 33 (1) 30 88 49 18
Address: 6 rue du Grand Chêne, Bonnelles, 78830, France

Company Profile

Biocosmethic® is an active ingredients’ supplier for cosmetic industries. Our expertise is mainly linked to all plant extraction and encapsulation areas for which we guarantee the quality and the traceability. Biocosmethic® products affirm our conception of a business both ethical and profitable for all, where natural ingredients meet cosmetics for future generations. We select, help and develop products with our industrial partners who share our vision of the World.

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