Anton Paar Italia

Stand: 378
Category: Acids, Alcohols, Cellulose & Derivatives, CO2 Extraction Oils, Emollients, Essential Oils, Extracts, Fats, Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols, Fillers & Extenders [more]

Contact Name: Anton Paar
Telephone: 011-9537560
Address: Via Albenga 78, 10098 Rivoli (To), Italy, Italy

Company Profile

Anton Paar develops, produces, distributes and provides support for analytical instruments used in research, development and quality control worldwide. Since 1922 the company base in Austria and currently has more than 3.000 employees in over 110 countries worldwide.
Anton Paar is the world market leader in the field of density measurement, the determination of dissolved CO2 and the analysis of materials’ deformation and flow behavior.

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