With so much about our lives being dominated by COVID-19 – with tragic outcomes and serious implications – there has been little to celebrate. To redress the balance and to look forward positively, Making Cosmetics and in-vitality are introducing a more positive and optimistic initiative that will lead the Italian personal care industry into 2021.

The Making Cosmetics & in-vitality Celebration

We recognise the challenges that face us. But we also want to recognise achievement, creativity, value, problem-solving and to bring good news to our market. So, for the Making Cosmetics and in-vitality community we are keen to introduce a new initiative – Celebration of Beauty and Wellness.

The Celebration will take place online during the dates mostly awaited in the calendar of Italian formulators and R&D professionals. The programme will acknowledge achievement, introduce the innovations, ideas and problem-solving expertise of some of the Making Cosmetics and in-vitality’s exhibitors and bring recognition to the achievements taking place in the market.

The success stories are to be shared by technical webinars, round tables and market reports.

The whole programme will be in Italian over the dates of 25 – 26 November 2020 – covering the original dates of Making Cosmetics and in-vitality.

More information to follow on this site, stay connected!