Federica Carlomagno

R&D Manager

Roelmi HPC – per EFfCI Working Group Polymers

It is a daily topic of discussion the fact that Microplastics can have a negative impact on the environment and on people health. In fact, when they are disposed of, they can accumulate in the environment (most of all in the seas) being ingested by organisms which can definitely become part of human food chain. Microplastics used in cosmetics are one of the target of ECHA restriction proposal. It focuses on Microplastics which are intentionally added to both leave-on and rinse-off products, in order to reduce their use, so their possible impact once release in the environment.
An overview of draft ECHA restriction proposal with EFfCI (The European Federation of Cosmetic Ingredients) comments will be the main topic of the presentation, to evaluate ban details and its economics and social aspects. Moreover, a preview of the next legislative process of next months, in order to evaluate the implementation time of the proposal given to European Commission.

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