Eurosyn – PolyAquol™-LW and PolyAquol™-VO4: low energy process for natural emulsions

Time: 10:30 - 10:50

Date: 20 November 2019

Theatre: Orange 2

Through years of research, Innovacos has developed an expertise in polyglycerol technology. This knowhow led to a new generation of polyglycerol-based emulsifiers known as PolyAquol™. Innovacos has recently extended its poly-glycerol innovative “formulience” platform with the introduction of two new emulsifiers.
The selection of highly purified polyglyceryl and fatty acid building blocks coupled to a molecular engineering know-how led to the creation of PolyAquol™-LW. The key feature of this ingredient resides in its ability to form O/W emulsion in a cold-process environment while achieving very low levels of viscosity. PolyAquol™-LW is perfectly suited for “one-pot” emulsions and also low-energy process avoiding the use of heat or homogenization. Moreover, its Cosmos status and palm-free origin make it an ideal candidate for green formulations. Thanks to its molecular design, PolyAquol™-LW outperforms other emulsifiers with an apparent similar chemical composition.
PolyAquol™-VO4 is a new, patented technology in the field of emulsions. Unlike standard emulsifiers, it literally creates a Water-and-Oil Fusion; W+O. Our W+O technology developed based on synergistic interactions between polyglyceryl derivatives of oleic acid and polyhydroxystearic acid. In addition to be completely natural as per its Cosmos certification and palm-free origin, it performs even in the presence of 100% vegetable oil. PolyAquol™-VO4 is an easily pourable liquid that allows the formation of cold-process emulsions. Its particularity to accept up to 80% of internal water phase brings full control to the viscosity of the final emulsion. It can create stable emulsions when used in a concentration as low as 2% and surpasses competition in robustness and sensoriality.


  • Sonia Dini Eurosyn Spa

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