35+ hours of scientific content

The scientific content at Making Cosmetics is rich and free to attend for every visitor. It consists in:

SICC Conference: Organised by the Society of Cosmetics Chemists, the conference covers all aspects of formulation and ingredients applications.

Making Cosmetics: Organised by Teknoscienze, the conference is the opportunity for every professional in the cosmetic industry to acquire new approaches to manufacturing process, how to safely make a product compliant and find out why Italy plays such important role in the world of cosmetics.

Making Plus: A mini conference covering in-depth aspects of a specific subject.

TechFocus: A series of technical presentations delivered by exhibiting companies, offering visitors an opportunity to gain a deep understanding at the latest ingredients technologies, services and techniques.

Round Table: Scientific research experts discuss how studies can meet the increased demand for sustainability in all aspect of this rapidly growing market.


The 2019 Programme is currently under development. For further information, stay connected!