Conferenza Making Cosmetics – The latest on cosmetics science and technologies, updating on regulations and trends in cosmetics manufacturing. Organized by Teknoscienze/HandPC Today, in collaboration with: AssICC, EFfCI, Istituto dell’Imballaggio, Mapic-Aispec.






MAKE UP: Advanced formulas, efficient assessments and claim support strategies.

In the era of modern cosmetics, it is no secret that make-up products play huge social and psychological roles. The recent transformation from pure decoration products to highly functional formulas has made it necessary on the one hand, the evolution of the formulation strategy, and on the other hand the search for experimental efficacy protocols in support of new performance and functionality claims. We will describe the instrumental, clinical and sensorial methodological approach that can be used for formulation and efficacy studies to back up new product formulation claims.

By Rigano Laboratories & ISPE



Innovation and technology

The range of make-up products is endless and innovation, technology and variety of colours are the masters.

In 2019 Kosmetica invites you to our conference dedicated to make-up.

By Kosmetica



The use of botanical derivatives is increasingly widespread both in the food supplements industry and in the cosmetic industry, where plant extracts bring that “natural” characteristic that is increasingly gaining acceptance among consumers. Faced with a growing demand for botanicals, the problems of availability and safety / quality of the same are also increasing, issues that will be addressed during the conference.
We will talk about high quality extracts, not only from parts of plants and fruits, but also from algae and fungi, new production methods, new applications and regulatory aspects.


By Cosmetic Technology & Cec Editore


Conferenza Sicc – Cosmetic Science is the essence of our Association; at Making Cosmetics 2019 SICC will discuss issues related to premature skin aging. Through the illustration of tools, ingredients, formulations, and technologies, the processes of prevention and treatment to slow down the skin aging caused by endogenous and exogenous factors will be tackled