Mapic Tech Day                                 

The conference will take place in Room Turquoise 2



At MAPIC TECH DAY, the MAPIC Group will talk about its almost twenty years of experience in support of an increasingly sustainable development of the cosmetic industry and based on scientific evidence that remains fundamental for our sector

On this occasion, some of the latest position papers produced by both EFfCI and Mapic will be illustrated to clarify some important regulatory and technical aspects for the sector.

Just to name a few, we will talk about Claim, Chemical name and INCI, and about the definition of natural and organic based on the ISO 16128 guidelines.

These documents, realized thanks to a wide work of study and sharing by the associated companies, have the dual purpose of protecting their interests and related products and of favoring a common understanding of the supply chain for very complex issues.




from 10.30 to 11:30


Raw Materials under the spotlight 


Cosmetica Italia and MAPIC will present the result of a important joint activity titled ” Useful and typical information on cosmetic raw materials: a guideline ” . The document gets inside the world of raw materials and gives answer to the main requests of cosmetic formulators in order to guarantee an increasingly transparent and ever-evolving supply chain.


from 11.30 to 12:00