Live Lab – From trends to creations: Sinerga confirms its participation to Making Cosmetic with the Live Lab. According with the “FROM TRENDS TO CREATIONS” format, we will turn the latest market trends detected by the Sinerga Trends Lab into innovative and updated formula advices and technologies for the cosmetic market.

TechFocus – Suppliers of raw materials unveil the latest technologies and formulations in cosmetic and personal care applications.

Live Demo – BioMérieux, facing an ever-evolving regulatory framework, which requires the ”ABSENCE “of some specific microorganisms, has developed a STANDARDIZED protocol with PROVEN performance. Get to know the third generation of CHEMUNEX® D-COUNT® instruments with new applications in the cosmetic field.

Creating new formulations with the aim of achieving maximum performance and perfect stability is much simpler than you think: Come to our DEMO to see how KINEMATICA‘s REACTRON® / MEGATRON® solutions can help your research & development projects, ensuring perfect reproducibility of results and easy scalability to the production environment.