Framing Cosmetics

Framing Cosmetics will take place at the Exhibition Hall 



at 12:30

at 15:30



at 12:30

at 15:30


Framing Cosmetics proposes to inspire by adding an artistic flair to the event, that at the same time refers to a dimension, in our case, that of analysis and market perspective.

Merck, along with trend forecast agency Nelly Rodi, will present two color trends for the Autumn/Winter 2020-21 season.

Such trends that shall be recreated live on canvas by an artist during the show.



What is beauty if not feeling in harmony with yourself in simplicity? 

For thousands of years women have been deprived of the choice of how to feel beautiful.

For thousands of years cities and objects have been built under a patriarchic concept of beauty and this had its peak with Leonardo’s “Uomo Vitruviano”.

We know that this is only half the truth. Women have always had the most important part in influencing and inspiring artists, poets musicians, kings and politicians without knowing it. 

It’s time to give them a choice to find their own harmony, beauty standards and be free of society’s stereotypes.



A quick and captivating way to to translate a concept, an idea in the spirit that characterizes Making Cosmetics!