Opera Soapture 2019 …  Remembering Leonardo da Vinci. Work title: “ VITRUVIAN BUTTERFLY AND THE FLOWER OF LIFE”.

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I have chosen as the sculpture theme this year, the study that Leonardo conducted on the terrestrial flora using the gothic rose or flower of life, which is also the geometry that is combined with the geometric design of the Vitruvian man, a symbol that I often use in bas-relief in sculpture.

The monument-like sculpture is based on the figure where the Vitruvian man is inserted, but inside, I wanted to depict a butterfly that follows the geometric lines of Leonardo’s drawing.
The butterfly in this work of art, represents the female form, and touches very important points of the master’s research.

It links together several important points:

Geometric drawing of the Vitruvian Man;

the Flower of Life (or gothic rose);

the butterfly or woman;

And furthermore I intend the butterfly’s head to be alluded to  “the all-seeing eye” ,connecting this year’s sculpture to the one of the previous edition.

If you wish to observe how the above will take shape, join us at the show.

          Giacomo Valorz 2019