Live Lab, Sinerga R&D experts will turn the latest market trends detected by the Sinerga Trends Lab into innovative and updated formulative advices and technologies for the cosmetic market.

Two meetings discussing fragrance, seen through the perfumer’s psycho-sensorial perspective.

Fragrance in Mind: The main characteristics of a successful perfumer.

The Mind of the Fragrance: The raw materials perceived by the perfumer as allies for the creation of a successful fragrance.

In order to be successful, a fragrance should hold within itself a series of elements that start from the perfumer’s knowledge, his/her way of thinking and acting, to eventually reach extraordinary synergies between raw materials, the most faithful of allies.

An opportunity to view the latest and most innovative products on the market.

During two days of Making Cosmetics, Giacomo our sculptor will bring soap to live with the art of carving.  Come, see art in various forms, and receive a small gift.

Developing new formulations, aiming at the finest and stable emulsions has never been so simple and effective: come and see how KINEMATICA REACTRON® / MEGATRON® solutions can boost your R&D projects and pave the way to a reliable production with the highest performances.