Stand: 432
Category: Anti-acne, Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-pollution, Anti-puff, Anti-stress, Anti-wrinkle, Antimicrobials, Antioxidants, Emulsifiers O/W (Oil in Water), Emulsifiers W/O (Water in Oil), Exfoliants/Peeling Agents, Film Formers, Hair Growth Promoters/ Anti-hair Loss Agents, Moisturizing Agents, Myorelaxing Agents, Others, Others/ Combinations, Preservatives, Protective Agents, Proteins, Radiance Promoters, Regenerative/Revitalizing Agents, Restructuring/Replenishing Agents, Self-tanning Agents, Shining Agents, Soothing Agents, Surfactans, Terzista, Waxes

Telephone: 0331 16031
Address: Via della Pacciarna 67 21050 Gorla Maggiore (VA) Italia

Company Profile

Since 1978 Sinerga offers a complete range of customized and high quality solutions for the international cosmetic and dermo-pharmaceutical industry:
Cosmetic specialties covering the following categories: active ingredients, emulsifiers, surfactants, functional ingredients and microbial inhibitors.
R&D Lab, which consists in a team of highly qualified technologists with a high degree of specialization.
Contract manufacturing of cosmetics and medical devices classes I, IIA, IIB, III for topical use.
Marketing service support: Sinerga offers its customers a scientific marketing support, as well as a graphic and packaging service.
The widespread know-how and the extensive experience along with the continuous updates on regulatory field, market trends and scientific innovations, make Sinerga a real reference point in this sector and a capable partner able to offer a "full service" approach to our customers.

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