Stand: 419

Contact Name: Francesca Caccialanza
Telephone: 02 38009110
Address: via Giacomo Quarenghi, 27, Milano, Lombardia, 20151, Italy

Company Profile

SEPPIC has been a wholly-owned affiliate of the Air Liquide Group since 1986.
As a specialist in surfactants and polymers, SEPPIC has been designing and supplying innovative specialty ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutrition, vaccine and industrial markets for 60 years.
SEPPIC is a recognized leader for many product lines, bringing together unique scientific expertise in the field of chemistry, biology, formulation and objectivation. These include polymers, surfactants and emulsion technologies, immunology, transformation of natural products and more.
SEPPIC employees passionately uphold their shared values of expertise, diversity and innovation.

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