Res Pharma Srl

Stand: 406
Category: Acidis, Alcohols, Alkyl Ampho Acetates, Alkyl Ether Carboxylates, Alkyl Sulfosuccinates, Alkyl Sulphonates, Amino Acid Derivaes, Amphoterics, Anionics, Anti-acne, Anti-aging, Anti-dandruff, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-pollution, Anti-puff, Anti-redness/ Anti-couperose, Anti-stress, Anti-stretch marks, Anti-wrinkle, Antimicrobials, Antioxidants, Antiperspirants/ Deo-actives, Blend/ Combinations, Blend/ Combinations/Ternary Surfactant Mixtures, Blends/ Self-emulsifying Bases (O/W), Castor Oil Derivatives, Cationic surfactants/ Quaternium compounds, Cationics, Co-emulsifiers, Cold Process Emulsifiers, Conditioning, Emollients, Emulsifiers, Emulsifiers O/W (Oil in Water), Emulsifiers W/O (Water in Oil), Esters, Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols, Film Formers, Foaming, Hair Growth Promoters/ Anti-hair Loss Agents, Humectants, Lightening/ Whitening Agents, Mattifying Agents, Moisturizing Agents, Natural Emulsifiers (Lecithins, Phospoholipidis), Non-ionics, Nourishing Agents, Oils, Opacifying Products, Preservatives, Radiance Promoters, Refreshing Agents, Repairing Agents, Restructuring/Replenishing Agents, Self-tanning Agents, Slimming Agents, Smoothing Agents, Softening/Texturing Agents, Solubilizers, Soothing Agents, Specialties, Squalanes, Sunscreen Agents, Superfatting Agents, Surfactans, Thickeners & Stabilizers, UV Filtres/ Sunscreens, Vegetail Oils, Fats & Waxes, Vegetal Origin Waxes & Butters, Venotonic Agents, Wetting Agents

Telephone: 02 909941
Address: Via G. Pastore, 3 20056 Trezzo sull’Adda (MI) Italia

Company Profile

Res Pharma is the Italian distributor of:

Res Pharma Industriale: emulsifiers -  mild surfactants from natural origin and high performing solubilizers -  water soluble vegetal oils - ingredients and concentrated emulsions for wet wipes- active ingredients - concentrated emulsions for skin care - ECOCERT, NATRUE,COSMOS, FAIRTRADE and RSPO certified ingredients.

DSM: vitamins and ingredients for personal care, UV filters, polymers for haircare, sensory modifiers, skin care actives

Greentech: vegetal extracts and active ingredients

Citrique Belge: citric acids

Tate & Lyle: Avenacare™ oat betaglucan 

Colonial Chemical: green surfactants

Oat Cosmetics: oat derivatives for personal care

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