Qi Srl

Stand: 522
Category: Equipment

Telephone: 06 9105461
Website: https://www.qitech.it
Address: Via Monte d'oro 2/a 00040 Pomezia (RM) Italia

Company Profile

Since 1993, Qi srl distributes high technology equipments for production and characterization of nanomaterials and nanocomposites, from nano milling and nano emulsification systems, to particle sizing systems, zeta potential and accelerated stability anaysis, to apparatus for dispersing and incorporating nanomaterial into viscous or thermoplastic media. Further, Qi distributes systems for thermal conductivity, DMA, pluriaxial fatigue, even at high frequency and on final products even with a complex shape. Thanks to a state of the art application lab, Qi offers analytical services and consultacy through its sister company Polilab.

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