Qi Srl

Stand: 305
Category: Equipment

Telephone: 06 9105461
Website: https://www.qitech.it
Address: Via Monte d'oro 2/a 00040 Pomezia (RM) Italia

Company Profile

Company Profile
Qi srl has been supplying high-tech equipment for the production and characterization of nanomaterials and nanocomposites for over 25 years, starting from nano-grinding systems, through systems for particle size analysis, zeta potential and accelerated stability in suspension, as well as systems for incorporating and dispersing effectively nanomaterials in viscous or thermoplastic matrices. Qi also distributes equipment for thermal conductivity, surface tension, smoothness, packing and much more tests.

Qi assists the customer from the formulation to the production of the finished product, and is able to produce raw materials and make small productions already formulated, thanks to the provision a large production area with classified areas and high-level tools.

Thanks to a very rich application laboratory, Qi provides analytical advice, formulation and analysis for third parties.

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