Prochimica Novarese

Stand: 214
Category: Esters, Others

Telephone: (0039) 0321485511
Address: Via G. Marconi, 21, San Pietro Mosezzo , 28060, Italy

Company Profile

An all-Italian enterprise reality, part of a holding company, which is spread over four operating units.
An organization based on cooperation with the customer for the development of "tailor made" ingredients and able to guarantee the necessary chemical / applicative assistance.
Prochimica Novarese is a constantly developing reality, made up of creative and passionate people who believe in excellence.
Thanks to more than 60 years of production experience in various sectors of the chemical industry, Prochimica Novarese has recently expanded the market to cosmetics world.
A staff of chemists, engineers and cosmetologists, expert in research, development and personal care, has developed a wide range of liquid and solid esters, partially or completely natural, both for transesterification of vegetable oils and butters and for direct esterification of acids and fatty alcohols; also upon customized request.
The cosmetic ingredients developed by Prochimica Novarese are highly qualitative, performing, of plant origin, safe, delicate and studied according to the current market needs.

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