Stand: 308
Category: Anti-acne, Anti-aging, Anti-allergenic, Anti-dandruff, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-pollution, Anti-static, Anti-wrinkle, Antioxidants, Antiperspirants/ Deo-actives, Cold Process Emulsifiers, Coloring Pigments, Conditioning, Cooling, Cross-linked Acrylics, Dispersant, Emollients, Emulsifiers, Esters, Film Formers, Lightening/ Whitening Agents, Mattifying Agents, Mineral Origin Waxes, Mineral pigments, Moisturizing Agents, Nourishing Agents, Oils, Organic pigments, Pigment Dispersions, Pigments, Polymers/ Surfactants, Refreshing Agents, Repairing Agents, Silicone Elastomers, Silicone Emulsions, Silicones, Silicones Polyethers, Slimming Agents, Smoothing Agents, Softening/Texturing Agents, Solubilizers, Soothing Agents, Synthetic Waxes, Treated Pigments & Powders, Vegetail Oils, Fats & Waxes, Vegetal Origin Waxes & Butters, Waterproofing Agents, Waxes, Waxes/ Consistency Factors, Wetting Agents

Telephone: 00393357550889
Address: LCM SPA Via Mazzini, 33 20099 Sesto san Giovanni (Mi)

Company Profile

Today L.C.M. Cosmetic Division represents a modern, skilled, reliable and solid distributor with a high reputation from Italy to Europe.

- We aim to continue a high level of customer satisfaction through constant attention to new market demands.
- We are an international partner providing a relationship with the client characterized by professionalism, innovation and passion.
- We personally audit all our producers and we carry out inspections with Clients or Health Authorities.

Differently from traditional agency relationships, L.C.M.'s client/supplier link is characterized by reliability, always based on the specific project and according to the client's individual needs.


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