Demethra Biotech S.r.l

Stand: 811

Telephone: +39 0444 419411
Address: Via dell’Innovazione, 1, Camisano Vicentino, Vicenza (VI), 36043, Italy

Company Profile

DemBiotech® is an Italian green biotech, part of Cereal Docks Group, specialized in the research and development of active ingredients from in vitro vegetal cultures to be used in the personal care, health care, food, veterinary and crop care sectors.
DemBiotech® has developed CROP® (Controlled Release of Optimized Plants), a proprietary biotech platform, one of the most innovative and with the largest production capacity in Europe, based on in vitro vegetal cultures.
By adopting the open innovation model and a fully eco-designed and certified DemBiotech® approach, we are able to grasp the benefits of the plant kingdom, making them available and accessible in a sustainable way: this is what we love to do, with passion and safe professional and human experience.

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