Emotional Making – This year the Emotional Making offers two seminars that gain inspiration from a  creative genius: Leonardo da Vinci.

The seminars will help you understand the secrets and the art of creating a perfume via unpublished  studies and original theories.

An unmissable opportunity to apprehend and stimulate everyone’s creativity and senses




Soapture – Opera Soapture 2019 …  Remembering Leonardo da Vinci. Work title: “The Flower of Life”.

My task aims to remind us all of the research carried out by Leonardo in the field of terrestrial flora. In the centre of this particular flower “L’uomo Vitruviano” fits perfectly due to its harmonious geometric shape.In the world of sculpture, this flower is also known as “Gothic Rose”, and I have been using it for a long time in bas – relief works to revive the geometric artistic style of ancient sculpture. The study of the work will therefore be linked to this aspect.

If you wish to observe how the above will take shape, join us at the show.

          Giacomo Valorz 2019