Quality, efficacy and innovation: key factors for successful cosmetic brands

15:30 - 17:30
November 28, 2017

Communicating values means communicating the ‘reason for being’ a given Company.

Every single brand must therefore be able to convey a whole set of values representing not only the uniqueness and quality of a specific product, but also its usefulness and the gratification it produces. 

Speakers: Antonella Antonini (Cosmetic Technology), Marinella Trovato (SISTE e AssoErbe), Luigi Miori (Areaderma), Andrea Maltagliati (Zschimmer & Schwarz) e Alessandro Filippini (Phenbiox).


This conference will allow participants to deepen their understanding of some successful company brands  from the cosmetic industry (both raw materials and finished products), as well as start up companies, associations and technical journals.

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