Un Nanomateriale Cosmetico – Aspetti da Considerare: un Esempio: il Biossido di Titanio

12:10 - 12:40
November 22, 2016

An actual overview about nanomaterials in cosmetic products is given by considering also requirements which come from national provisions in the EU or from other legislations with an impact on cosmetics.

With the Cosmetics Product Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 (CPR) specific requirements for nanomaterials in cosmetic products have been legally established. An overview about the status in 2016 is given which includes the requirements for cosmetic products, nanomaterials currently evaluated by the SCCS and listed in the Annexes of the CPR, definition, analytical methods, nano register.

Some EU countries have implemented specific nano registers which are not cosmetic specific but may include cosmetic ingredients as well – what is its impact for the cosmetic business?

Using the example of Titanium Dioxide (nano) the various aspects of a nanomaterial are shown. Moreover a brief overview about the proposed classification of Titanium Dioxide – pigment and nano size – as a CMR Cat 1B substance is given.

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