Formulating Cosmetics Conference

22 Novembre 2016: Dermocosmetics: a new marketing innovation or a real need for problematic skin care? A deep insight into R&D of this special cosmetic category. Cosmetics penetrate and interfere with the skin’s structure, breaking through a scientifically nonexistent cultural barrier between dermatological and cosmetic treatment.

Many ingredients are not specific for the medical and the cosmetic, but they are the same: what differentiates them is the function that is, if they are used to treat a disease or to improve the sensory aspect of the skin; but oldness is a disease? Not only of this we will cover in the first day of the SICC Conference at Formulating Cosmetics 2016

23 Novembre 2016: Beauty from out inside and from inside out!; the Synergy between Cosmetics and Nutritional products can be the future of beauty science?  Many food supplements are also used as functional ingredients in cosmetic products: the border is our skin, a “melting pot” in which incorporates the beneficial (and negative!) substances for a vital organ like the skin and its appendages: we will try to figure out if acting from within and from outside we can exploit synergies compatible with the cosmetic mission to improve the beauty and the wellness of our skin!

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Making Cosmetics Conference

Making Cosmetics is the opportunity for every professional in the cosmetic industry to acquire new approaches to manufacturing process, how to safely make a product compliant and find out why Italy plays such important role in the world of cosmetics.
Made-in-Italy is recognised for its excellence in quality, dynamisms and creativity and is constantly put to the test with more demanding regulations and increasing guidelines and growing expectations.
H&PC Today will  address various aspects and key roles of the manufacturing process of which the following are featured: Analysis: in-vivo, in-vitro, ex-vivo, in-silico; GMP; Regulations; Market Reports; Marketing and Packaging.
Making Cosmetics proves to be the perfect place to share news, updates and learn new ways to confront and address day-to-day challenges met by manufacturing companies. There are many reasons to attend….and we are looking forward to welcoming you all!

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TechFocus Seminars

A series of technical presentations delivered by exhibiting companies, offering visitors an opportunity to gain an in-depth look at the latest ingredients technologies, services and techniques.

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