Formula Cosmetics Conference

28th November 2017 : How to build and measure performance and Quality of personal care products

Claim substantiation and Durability are more and more legal requirements for Cosmetics. Cosmetologists are therefore engaged to guarantee those values through 2 different phases of the IPM process: Formulation cosmetologists will build the products responding to the requirements in terms of functionality and stability; the Evaluation Cosmetologists are engaged in supporting the prototype performance with suitable methods to substantiate the Claims and guarantee Chemical, Physical and Microbiological invariance during the ageing and application processes.

29th November 2017: How to build, communicate and measure sensory response to cosmetics

The success of Cosmetic Products is more and more linked to the emotional and sensory response of the consumer; it is not any more sufficient to formulate products with pleasant color, fragrance, texture and application behavior, but also intangible values, like coherence between performance, sensory and claimed characteristics are of outmost importance; this is the field were Formulation Cosmetologist, Sensory analyst and Marketing professional are proven for coherence; innovative evaluation methodologies, like the psychosensory testing are more and more supporting the traditional sensory and marketing tools.

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Making Cosmetics Conference

Making Cosmetics conference is the opportunity for every professional in the cosmetic industry to acquire new approaches to manufacturing process, how to safely make a product compliant and find out why Italy plays such important role in the world of cosmetics.

Making Cosmetics proves to be the perfect place to share news, updates and learn new ways to confront and address day-to-day challenges met by manufacturing companies. There are many reasons to attend….and we are looking forward to welcoming you all!

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Making Plus Conference

Making Plus conference presents two topics: “Sun Care” in collaboration with Rigano Laboratories and ISPE; “Brand Management” in collaboration with Cosmetic Technology.

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TechFocus Seminars

A series of technical presentations delivered by exhibiting companies, offering visitors an opportunity to gain an in-depth look at the latest ingredients technologies, services and techniques.

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