Making Cosmetics & Formulating Cosmetics

The 2013 event closed its doors with a staggering 700 visitors during the two days.

The first Making Cosmetics and Formulating Cosmetics has attracted a broad range of attendees across the spectrum of the personal care and associated industries in Italy and neighborough countries.

Now that the first event has taken place, Making & Formulating Cosmetics has a huge resource for developing the scope, content and visitor profile. Even now, developments are under way in the programme, scope, content and exhibitor profile to grow the exhibition space for 2014 (25-26 November).

Here are some photographs of the 2013 event:


Dr Luigi Rigano, President Studio Rigano

“Nice atmosphere, interesting conferences and a lot of discussion at the booths. Space to walk comfortable and many visitors. That is the reason why I will exhibit at the M&FC 2014 again!”


Ms Eva Favero, Cosmetics Marketing, Prodotti Gianni

“We are delighted to praise the organizers for such optimum launch of Formulating and Making Cosmetics.  Our clients have been visiting us at the event and were pleased with the organization and conference topics. Prodotti Gianni team was very satisfied with the overall experience and shall exhibit again this November.”


Mr Alfredo Radice, MD Gale & Cosm

” Formulating  Cosmetics has been a very interesting event which has offered has the opportunity to meet new clients with a constant traffic of visitors especially on the first day. Gale & Cosm shall exhibit again in 2014.”


Concept to Consumer

Making Cosmetics is all about sourcing, formulating, manufacturing and outsourcing personal care products. The only event which recognises the importance of keeping up to date with developments relating to making personal care products – a complex and demanding process that takes products from bench to consumers. Making Cosmetics brings an essential focus to the many different types of people working in the personal care market.


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